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Why We Need to Think Less

In todays world everything is about moving faster, further and never looking back.  We pride ourselves on efficiency and productivity, But for what purpose?

What is our goal? When is our end point? Do we ever reach a point when we allow ourselves to take a pause. To recap what has brought us to this moment. To mourn our losses; to rejoice in our triumps and finally have a moment of peace.

The answer is yes! The time has finally come for us to put the brakes on and start to slow down. This doesnt have to be all or nothing it can come as a gradual process. We have the right to explore other facets of our selves. Sides of ourselves that we have been neglecting.  We need to play more. 

In order to have new solutions to our problems to stop repeating these behaviour patterns that no longer serve us, we need to reconnect to our imagination. To find colorful solutions and out of box thinking. This is the way to move forward to evolve. 

That sounds simple enough but how to do this. This seems like it should be an complicated answer full of courses, products more things to buy. Looking for solutions outside of ourselves. But the answer couldnt be further from that. The answer is simplicity. Going back to the basic. Reconnecting to Nature. To sit and watch the birds and clouds in the sky. We need to play music to use our voices to raise praise and gratitude. To see the joy in our loved ones, the beauty in oceans and the skys.

To take 5 mins in your morning to sit and give thanks, Thanks to all of life that has brought you to that moment.  


Thru the practice of meditation we can begin to quiet the chatter in the mind to begin to extend the moments of peace between the thoughts. Once this happens the mind is no longer in charge but becomes a vehicle which we can use to live in the moment. Time slows down.

If you are new to Mediation a great place to start is with Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra and meditation are powerful practices for self-care and deep inner reprogramming. Releasing blockages in your physical body, breathing patterns, and conscious and subconscious mind, using one paired thought and action at a time - a vital skill for manifestation.

Check out our Yoga Nidra from Anxiety on our youtube channel.

Life doesnt have to be complicated. In this time of drastic change lets clear out everything that we have accumulated that no longer serves us to be able to move forward. To have new experiences, new perspectives and to come to what we all deserve Well Being, Joy and Peace.


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