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Surf Spanish and Yoga School, Ecuador

Feed the mind, 
the body and 
the soul.

Welcome to Otra Ola!

Since 2010, we have been connecting with people all over the world through our love of surf, mindfulness and commitment to sharing our love of Ecuador with the world.  Whether you are travelling alone or with loved ones we have you covered. 

Our expert instructors with decades of experience are able to meet you at what ever level you are at; in all of our services.  We pride ourselves at whenever possible supporting and nurturing our local community.  We have recently changed locations to Las Tunas in a beautiful beach front hotel to provide our clients with a full restaurant and now access to pool and jacuzzi to help the body after those long surf sessions.

We feel blessed to have created a truly unique opportunity with yoga teachers from around the world sharing different perspectives and linages of yoga, to surf instructors that have experienced different waves, different cultures but have one thing in common they understand the language of the ocean.  We want to help you experience South America in all its beauty and that happens when we can communicate with those that live here.   We have incrediable native Ecaudorian Spanish teachers who share their passion of the Spanish language with you.

We have made it our mission to share our love of surfing, appreciation and respect of yoga and the importance of understanding this beautiful country of Ecuador and its people.  

Whether you are here for a week or a month, you will leave feeling apart of the community for life.

surf classes ecuador

We have highly trained surf coaches on staff to teach you the ins and outs of surfing or to guide you to some of the more remote surf spots. 

20182112_075112 (1).jpg

Our yoga is taught daily on a second floor balcony with the only sound is the waves crashing on the beach and the breeze blowing through the bamboo roof. 

 Spanish classes in Ecuador

Our highly skilled local spanish teachers are ready to help you improve your language skills during spanish class no matter what level you may be at.

On line spanish classes and in person classes available.


Boutique hotel and Restaurant offering full menu with vegan and vegetarian options.

We also have great coffee and desserts. 

Man resting in hammock

Combine your Surf, Spanish & Yoga packages with one of our neighboring hotels and suites! Come and enjoy the breeze.

Have a couple minutes?

Check out all of the fun we're having at Otra Ola in our promo video!

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