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Yoga Classes in Las Tunas, Ecuador

   Practice Yoga in Ecuador  

It’s not all waves at Otra Ola, we also offer beachfront yoga classes. The yoga lessons take place in a second storey yoga studio located in Las Tunas, Ecuador. From your mat you can hear the sound of the birds and the waves breaking on shore.


  Our Yoga Classes  

 10:00am - 11:30am Check schedule on insta.

Check Instagram @otra_ola to see what style of yoga is on what day, extra classes and work shops.

 Pranayama, the art of breathing:

Pranayama is the vital part of the yogic science. This class focuses on breathing techniques for healthy living. This class is divided in 3 sections: Theory, movement and breathing meditation.

In the theory part of the class, you will learn about the benefits of each breathing technique and meditation taught that day.

You will then move the body with a short vinyasa sequence to prepare the body for your meditation.

And in the last part of the class, you will put the theory into practice and learn the art of breathing.

Some of the pranayama benefits can be found here:

1 Improves Cardiovascular health 2 Reduces risk of Hypertension
3 Improves Lung function
4 Treats Depression

5 Weight loss
6 Detoxification
7. Strengthens Immune system


  Hatha vinyasa:

This class is a traditional yoga practice, that includes a seated mediation, light stretching, a strong mid standing section and a very relaxing guided sound healing savasana.

Vinyasa classes coordinate breath and movement, encouraging you to look within and to go deep into the body and the mind. These classes are slow and strong all at the same time and will leave you feeling energized and light for the day.


 Core Class:

Just as the name says this is a strong core class that incoorporates props.  The intention is to work on the building a strong core that will not only aid in the other asanas but also helps to prevent injuries in the back, hips and knees.  This class is recommended for those that are spending alot of time in the surf.  Whether you are new to yoga or just wanted to challenge yourself this is the class for you.

 Hatha Flow

Surf stretch and Restorative: This class is excellent for any post-physical activity such as running, surfing, biking, etc. stretching legs harmstrings, shoulders, arms, hips and correcting poor postures.

In this class, the main practice remains on the ground and concentrate on stretching poses that are held for a longer period of time, often challenging our commitment to stillness.

While the Yin part of the practice concentrates on deepening into the

connective tissues to activate change, the restorative part supports the body


  Private Yoga Classes & Yoga for Surfers  

Private yoga classes are also available for both beginners, those interested in deepening their yoga practice,  we can also provide Therapeutic Yoga Lessons with specific sequencing for injuries.


Yoga classes for Surfers are also available.  There is nothing better than a good yoga practice to improve strength and flexability to enable you to catch more waves and stay loose. Please contact us for more information!

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