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Spanish classes available

  Organic Cafe  

Its not all surf, spanish and yoga classes here in Ayampe. Otra Ola’s tranquil beachfront cafe offers the best Organic Coffee in Ayampe. It is served in individual French presses. If you are in the mood for a Latte, Chai, Espresso, Iced Coffee, Organic Guayusa Tea or any other thirst quenching caffeinated beverages you will find it here. We also offer fresh fruit juices, muffins made daily, homemade granola bars and many other local treats. We also have gluten free options and home made soy milk -- a rarity in Latin America.


We believe you are what you eat, that is why we use only the finest ingredients including coconut oil made right here in Ayampe! Our menu may be small but it is always changing; don’t hesitate to stop by everyday and see what we are creating.


Whether you are just passing by or plan to spend a few hours on our custom made furniture we have lots to keep you entertained. We have a multi-language book exchange, guidebooks, games and magazines in Spanish and English and the opportunity for some good conversation with fellow travelers and locals. If you are looking to get caught up on online, our WIFI is always fast and free with purchase. Both English and Spanish are spoken in the café.

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