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Surf Lessons in Las Tunas, Ecuador

 Learn to surf in Ecuador          

Otra Ola offers surf lessons for all levels. Private and group surf classes are available (Max. 6 surfers per instructor). All surf classes are 90 minutes and include the boards and rash guards. Boards range in size from 5’5” to 9’10” to suit all conditions.


Las Tunas, Ecuador is blessed with great surfing. Swells from both the south and north provides optimal conditions year round for surfers of all ages and levels depending on the tide and the section of the beach.

Our qualified bilingual surf instructors have more than 10 years experience in the ocean and are available to teach, coach and act as guides for your adventures on the waves.


Take your surfing to the next level at Otra Ola!

Beginner surf lesson in Ecuador

  Beginner Surf Classes   

Beginner surf classes take place at low tide and start with 20-30 minutes of theory, technique, safety and etiquette on the beach before going into the crystal clear waters of the ocean. In the ocean your surf instructor will guide you into some white water waves improving your pop up, surfing some waves on your own, practicing board control, turtle rolling, positioning so you will feel comfortable and confident to take place in a more advanced surf lesson or just rent a board in the up and coming days.

Surfer doing cutback

  Intermediate and Advanced Surf Classes   

Personalized to the surfer(s). Surf classes will take place at the appropriate time based on tide, ocean conditions, skill level and experience. A mix of theory, positioning, tequnique, etiquette and safety will be reviewed before the surf lesson and further instruction will take place during the surf class in the water.


  Surf Board Rentals and Repairs  

In addition to surf lessons we also rent surfboards and body boards. If you have experience in the water, come checkout our wide variety of 45+ surfboards with short and long term rates and the option to change boards during your rental depending on your improvement and the surf conditions.

Epoxy and Poly. Surf Board repairs available

surfing video analysis

SurfingVideo Analysis

Do you want to improve your surfing? Video analysis won't lie. It will show you the things you are doing right and wrong in the water. Juring the surf lesson the instructor will be in the water with you giving you tips to improve and another member of our team will be videoing you surfing, falling, and enjoying the ocean. After class you will sit down with your teacher and review the footage of the surf session to help see what tips we can give you to catch more waves and enjoy your time in the sea. Get better than your friend fast and in the end we can send you the pics and videos.

Natural Sunscreens & Face Zincs

surf zinc for surf class ecuador
Logo for Soltastic

We have begun to create our own line of nature products that are safe and chemical free called Soltastic.  Soltastic offers Face Zincs, Sunscreens in a natural brown color with an SPF of 30 & 50, Body lotion, Aftersun lotion, Tattoo cream, and Lip Balm and with new natural products in the works.  All of our products are made by hand and we use all locally found ingredients. Buy a tub of Soltastic at Otra Ola and protect yourself from the sun the responsible way.

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