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Some of the Favorite Restaurants in Ayampe

  1. Los Orishas

  2. El Paso

  3. Ayampe Tacos

  4. El Pacay

  5. Bhakti House Ayampe

If you are looking to escape the hustle of city life and enjoy the serene beauty and relaxation of a sleepy surf town in Ecuador, then Ayampe may be your next bucket list destination. After a day of yoga, surfing and relaxing in a hammock, refuel at one of five of the best restaurants in Ayampe. Whether you are looking for some traditional Ecuadorian food, fresh local seafood or a western dish, Ayampe has a wide selection of locally sourced and nutritional food to enjoy.

Los Orishas

Without a doubt, Las Orishas is one of the best restaurants in Ayampe. A little Italian joint located by the Ayampe lagoon and steps from the beach, this Italian restaurant serves up some delicious flatbread pizzas fresh out of the oven. This is the place to grab dinner after a day of surfing in Ayampe to get a rich and filling meal after burning a lot of calories catching waves. If you can eat more than just pizza, make sure to try some other Italian dishes such as the bolognese or the gnocchi. The thin crust pizza at Las Orishas is known as some of the best pizza on the coast of Ecuador!

El Paso

If you are looking for some more local Ecuadorian dishes, one the best restaurants in Ayampe for traditional Ecuadorian food is El Paso. A family run welcoming environment with large portions and a vast menu, El Paso can offer different Ecuadorian dishes for you to try throughout your whole stay in Ayampe. Enjoy a typical Ecuadorian dish such as ceviche, Bolon de verde, fish in peanut sauce or one of many other options- you can’t go wrong! Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner El Paso is one of the best places to eat in Ayampe if you want to eat how the locals eat.

Ayampe Tacos

Known as having the best burrito in Ayampe, this delicious food cart is located in Plaza Madre Tierra. The plaza is a little jungle oasis with a handful of different vendors selling shawarma, locally baked sourdough bread, craft beer and burritos at Ayampe Tacos. Enjoy the peaceful jungle surroundings of the Plaza and enjoy a burrito or some shrimp tacos that come with a copious amount of guacamole, homemade hot sauce and pico de gallo on the side. Ayampe Tacos also sells locally made kombucha and is a great place to relax in the afternoon when it gets too hot on the beach.

El Pacay

Another traditional Ecuadorian restaurant that you need to try in Ayampe is El Pacay. El Pacay is one of the best restaurants in Ayampe for ceviche and to enjoy a multi-course lunch in the shade as you escape the heat of the day. Located half a block from the main surf beach in Ayampe, this is the best restaurant in town for local seafood. Order your meal and enjoy an included juice while you wait for your main course to arrive with a side of plantains or potatoes. With a daily fish special all served up in a traditional Ecuadorian style, this rich and delicious food is unique, nourishing and fresh.

Bhakti House Ayampe

Bhakti House is the place to go in Ayampe if you eat a plant based diet and are looking for fresh and healthy vegan options. The lunch special comes with soup, a main dish and tea and the portions are very generous in size. Enjoy the vegetarian quinoa burger with sourdough bread or the vegan tamale with peanut sauce. The quaint environment also offers indoor seating and has a store you can browse through while you wait for your meal. The overall zen environment and excellent customer service will have you coming back to try another vegan dish during your stay in Ayampe.


Make sure to try all of the best restaurants in Ayampe when you come to town and enjoy a relaxing vacation where the jungle meets the ocean!

Written by Lydia Schuldt


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