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Cinnamon Buns Anyone

Otra Ola is known as the place to buy Cinnamon Buns.

What is all the hype about??

Cinnamon buns are a traditional Scandinavian pastry and even have their own special day (cinnamon bun day) coming up on 4 October. So what better way to brush up on your knowledge of the sweet and sticky bun, than by finding out a bit more about the history and why they're so popular, as well as how to celebrate the day and why the Swedes love their cinnamon buns so much!

What are cinnamon buns?

Cinnamon buns or rolls (or Kanelbulle) are a Swedish cake made from cinnamon, sugar, flour and butter, and cardamom is sometimes added too. The pastries come in a whirl shape with very little decoration on top, usually only a simple pearl sugar topping and are baked for just a few minutes in a very hot oven to give them their signature taste.

The cinnamon roll has been a Swedish staple since the 1920s and are popular in Denmark and Norway too.

There's even an American version although Sweden’s version is simpler with less sugar, less fat and a more traditional taste.

Bronte Aurell, author of ScandiKitchen Fika & Hygge and founder of ScandiKitchen, tells Good Housekeeping that the best cinnamon buns are made from a strong bread flour, a lot of cinnamon and a pinch of vanilla.

'I also use freshly ground cardamom in my dough - it is nice and spicy and gives such a delicious bite,' she says.

'To prevent the filling from seeping out, the trick is to add a little flour into the filling. Also, importantly, a real Swedish Kanelbulle is topped with nibbed sugar - and never, ever any icing.

Why are they so popular?

Good Housekeeping’s Cookery Director Meike Beck says that cinnamon buns have enjoyed an increase in popularity recently.

‘There has been such a rise in the popularity of Scandinavian baking in recent years, and these sticky spiced buns are very much at the forefront of their sweet cuisine.’

‘They're one of my personal favourites and ideal for a cosy Sunday morning breakfast,’ adds Meike.

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