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Stop and Smell the Flowers at Otra Ola

Yoga class in the garden at otra ola

No one can deny the fact that life these days is hectic. We are living in age where every second matters; you have to be one step ahead of the game. Our children are learning how to use an IPad before they are speaking their first word. It’s no wonder cancer is on the rise, divorced families are the new norm, and kids are experience forms of anxiety younger and younger. These are just a few of on the consequences of us living in such a busy age.

My husband and I moved to Ecuador over 8 years ago with the idea to change our lives. We weren’t content working our lives away in jobs that we had no passion for. We knew we had talents to offer the world but didn’t know how to share them. So with a leap of faith we moved, we sold everything we had and moved to Ecuador.

Lets be honest we have had our rough patches just like everyone. Moving didn’t change who we were but it did allow us the freedom to explore our selves, find out what we wanted in life.

We now have 2 children and everyday I am grateful that I had the time to discover myself. I know I am a better mom because of it. I can honestly teach my children that in order for them to be of service to others, they have to first look after themselves.

That is what we are offering at #OtraOla, a chance for people to spend some quality time on themselves. Our motto feed your mind, body and soul is our backbone. I know not everyone has the ability or the desire to do what we did but everyone needs a break to rejuvenate and reevaluate where they are heading in life and what they want for their future. I am not promising your life will be dramatically changed after spending time with us, I can say you have the opportunity to slow down a bit, take some time out of your busy life to breathe and enjoy where you are right now. And come on, that isn’t a bad thing for everyone.

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